The Strangers 2 2o14
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The Strangers 2 2o14

The Strangers 2 2o14There's a sequel to the horror movie The Strangers ahead of us. Yep, you can get ready for The Strangers 2! Rogue Pictures is indeed moving forward with a sequel to its 2008 hit. Laurent Briet is taking over the director's seat, but Bryan Bertino, who directed the first film, is still involved: he wrote the script of The Strangers 2. If what has filtered online is anything to believe, the sequel to The Strangers will focus on a family of four who are hit hard by the economy and hit even harder by the mysterious trio of killers who are still on a murder spree:

"Mike and his family are hit hard by the economy: he lost his job, and their home has been foreclosed. He has to find a shelter for his wife Cindy, his teenage son Luke and young daughter Kinsey. Low on cash, they decide to relocate to a deserted trailer park. It's a labyrinthine patch of land of supposedly abandoned trailers and they select one formerly owned by a friend. Luke and Kinsey are understandably upset about the situation and after a blow-out fight with his father, Luke decides to explore the grounds. Kinsey tags along and together they find the bodies of an elderly couple in a trailer. It appears the Strangers have targeted those who haven't moved out of this trailer park and Mike's family is next!"

A deserted trailer parks sounds like a great location for a slasher movie, it's a much bigger setting than in the first film though... And what made the strength of the first Strangers was how the sadistic trio managed to break into the intimacy of that small house. I wonder how the movie Strangers 2 will manage to keep the same intensity with the change of scale.

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