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  Yngwie Malmsteen - Demon's Eye
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Yngwie Malmsteen - Demon's Eye

I don't mind just what you say.
I never heard you, baby, never heard you anyway.

I don't care what you do
Just so long as it ain't me and you.
Sly, sly, sly like a demon's eye.

Everything's good, i said, everything's fine.
You don't know, don't know it's the end of your time.
How does it feel to be turned away?
I've known it, baby, almost every day.
Sly, sly, sly like a demon's eye.

I don't need you anymore,
I don't want you, baby, hanging round my door.
You slip and slide round my brain.
You think you're so clever, yeah, but you know you're insane.
Sly, sly, sly like a demon's eye.

I d-d-don't mind just what you say.
I never heard you, baby, i never heard you anyway, no i didn't.
Everything's good, everything's fine.
You don't know it's the end of your time.
Sly, sly, sly like the demon's eye,
Like the demon's eye.

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