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  Hayley Westenra - River Of Dreams
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Hayley Westenra - River Of Dreams

River of dreams take me with you tonight
Lying in your arms we'll drift to
Islands of wonder that gleam and glow
Under the stars
As we glide through the dark
To the heart of the night

River of dreams gently hold me again
I remember all you told me
All of the secrets you whispered as we crept away
From the daylight and melted back into the night

Was I awake or did I dream
The kiss of waves
The silver slipstream
That tumbles as it turns again towards the sea

River of dreams softly flowing away
Let me follow where you are going
And make me a part of you
Deep in the heart of you
Let my reflection be clear
In the water of life
That tumbles as it turns again towards the night

That tumbles as it turns again towards the night.

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