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  Lady Gaga - Let Love Down
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Lady Gaga - Let Love Down

I cant remember when he looked at me and cried
Said something broke inside of you
You're my best friend
Whatever come our way
You know i'm your gal till the e-e-end

When i finally go away
I know you'll look for me one day

When you let love down
Oh you let love down
I dont have to remind you
But you know that i'm around
When you let love down
Oh you let me down
Get a little love down
Let it down oh oh

I can't remember when
You put your hands on mine
But couldnt play in time when we
we're not together
Just sing a little song
Blueberry kisses foreve-e-er


Oh yeah its so sad


Ohhh ohhh
Dont let me down
Ohh dont let me down
Ohhh ohh


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