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  Drake - Give Ya
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~Sanma Şâhım ~

Drake - Give Ya

Drake - Give Ya

Drake - Give Ya lyrics

[Verse 1: Drake]
Check, look
And I ain't tryna get to know nobody but you
Do me a favor tell me what's happenin'
I am drinkin' XO D is sippin' some Appleton
Usually the things I desire I always apprehend
Back again return of the mack again
'Deceiving' was cool I'll never record the track again
Even though my ex is ****in' one of my rapper friends
I don't wanna seem like I am always attacking them verbally
You can stop frontin' I know you heard of me
Babygirl ya, ya, ya heard of me
Little me
Pay attention I guarantee you it'll be
One of the best, decisions you've made
I'm sonnin'/sunnin' them all I live in the shade
Previously mischievous behaviour was the leader of me
You could say I was fresh to some conceited degree
Steppin' out the house tryna figure out where cameras from Cheaters would be
But now I need a culprit
I am talkin Long Sands Beach, condo adult ****
I am talkin' all day shoppin' sprees in the mall with
Friends that I ball with
Hear me Trey's girl go and get you some Fall ****
Sweetie I am a track's demise
I will kill this song 'til it actually dies
With a military jacket and some packed supplies
I won't say I'm the best 'til the stats arrive
And all these a-list parties you fraternize
Where you can't wear hats inside it's only slacks and ties
Bu you don't never act surprised
You just hold it down for your boy 'til the plaques arrive
And girl, I used to blow a couple thousand at the shake joint
Now it cost a couple thousand for a Drake joint
I gave up a lot to make a progress
I give it to you, and you take it the best

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
When I give ya what I give ya
(You gon' like that)
When I give ya what I give ya
(You throw it right back)
It ain't a women in the world that can doubt that (oh)
I need a women not a girl 'cause I'm bout that (oh no no)
And when I give ya what I give ya
(You gon' like that)
When I give ya what I give ya
(You throw it right back)
It ain't a women in the world that can doubt that (oh)
I need a women not a girl 'cause I'm bout that (oh no no)
And when I give ya what I give ya

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
(It's The Prince, look here)
Yup it's me again, Songz with a 'z' again
Canadian visitor, lady exhibitor
Play me I'll visit ya
Lay you in critical, condition
So don't get it twisted nigga
But back to the pimpin' nigga
Intercontinental you can catch me laid up
Somethin' with a fly face, slim waist, big butt
That's why I love what I does
Shot a couple videos now we got the city froze
Somethin' like my wrist be
Niggas know how this **** be
Step into the club security never frisk me
Buy so much liquor they give us a couple sips free
I be on Henessy
Straight no cubes
Take me where the women be
I won't lose
Drake take Patrãn to the face 'til he wasted
I'm blowin 'til I'm gon' outta space in the Matrix
Call me Mr. Anderson huh
I'm ramblin'
But at the same time I'm spittin' a flame rhyme
Baby what's your name? they call me the game mind
Most valuable player baby listen it's game time
We could take a couple shots break down ya d's
Take it to the hole post up on me
Let me fill the arena
I'll be (Gilbert Arenas)
Somethin' like a (wizard) when I give ya what I give ya


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