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  Feist - One Year A.D
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Feist - One Year A.D

I had a routine.
I wonder what i’ll do today.
I’ve got a feeling.
I’ll be doing the same things all over again.

So here, here i came.
To present myself a newer hell.
Face, body, and mouth.
Place the mirror to me.
In every episode, well.

Bring all the spaces together...
And all the silences ever.
Bring all the spaces together...

Come close again.
Be my pause before the end.
I miss you, oh, like a fading dream.
And i have a feeling you know what i mean.

Looking at pictures.
The taste, the smell.
Not the friends.

And in our old kitchen.
Record player never ends.
They were once.
But now no more.
You know that it’s real
And they were before.
Nothing said and silence gained.
And my body grows but heart lays.

Blink hard and set it to ink.
These items fade faster than you think.
Feelin’low in a major key.
Do they remember me now that it’s one year a.d.

Bring all the spaces together...
And all the silences ever
Bring all the spaces together...

Build all the silences up.

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