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  Vanessa Hudgens - Let Go
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Her şeye Scottish.

Vanessa Hudgens - Let Go

Vanessa Hudgens - Let Go

The day's been long
I just got home
And work is driving me crazy
Vanessa I could do up
I could go out
But I'm feelin too lazy
Hudgens I wanna run
I wanna have fun
But I don't wanna work it
Let All I wanna do is go and kick it with my crew tonight
All I wanna do is let go tonight
I'm feelin right
Songtexte I just wanna forget about it
All I wanna do is let go tonight
Songtext Wind it up
Without my getup
All I wanna do is get down tonight
Lyrics Move around tonight
Don't really care about it
All I wanna do is let go tonight
Lyric I'm feeling free
Tonight is just for me

I count on you
Liedertexte You're coming too
Yeah I'm hopin you feel it
Liedertext Cuz at my best
And at my worst
Yeah you've already seen it
Alle Let down your hair
The hell who cares
Gonna let it all out
Vanessa All I wanna do is go and kick it with my crew tonight

High heels just feels
Like a business stance
Make it hard to dance
Let Tight shirt short skirt
Just hurt Too much work
A fake up of make up
Go Never handled the wet
Cuz I wanna sweat
All I wanna do is kick it with my crew tonight

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